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It is always our highest priority at Feel Vape to provide maximum for customers who choose to buy genuine GS products.


STEP 01.

To guarantee the authenticity of GS products,
it is our policy to sell all our products in genuine printed
boxes that bear our GS Corporate identity. Furthermore,
we have decided to equip our genuine packaging with
“authenticity seals”(Certificate of Authenticity – COA).


STEP 02.

By entering the provided authenticity seals, the security
code and inspecting the seal, our partners and
consumers can check the product authenticity at
any time anywhere.

To check the authenticity of the purchased unit,
please scratch off the bottom part of the seal to reveal
the 16 digit authentication number.
You will see a unique QR code after tearing off the film,
and a unique serial number by scratching the
anti-counterfeiting coating on the label.

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    First Name: Shujing
    Last Name: Chen
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    Account Holder Name : SK-Shenzhen GreenSound High-tech Co.,Ltd

    Bank Name: DBS Bank(Hong Kong) Limited
    Account No: 79965982390
    Bank Code: 016
    Branch Code: 478
    SwiftCode: DHBKHKHHXXX
    Address: 11th Floor, The Center, 99 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
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