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Piolet is a slim and portable vaping device for out-door use.
The built-in 360mAh capacity brings long-lasting vape time for users.

Rechargeable batteries

Charge it for 30 minutes and use it all day

Convenient small

No harm, good taste enough to enjoy

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따옴표1  EGO Ⅲ · Color 따옴표2

Attractive Colors, Enrich Your Vaping Life.
Makes your daily vaping much colorful and enjoyable.

Silver 제품 black 제품 gold 제품

따옴표1  The Kit lncludes 따옴표2

1 X EGO III Battery 1 X Atomiser
1 X Replacement Coil
1 X USB Charger
1 X Wall Plug 1 X eGo/510 Adaptor
1 X Gift Box 1 X User Manual

gold 제품

따옴표1  Anti-counterfeit Technology 따옴표2

Shenzhen FeelVape High-tech Co., Ltd adopts is extremely sophisticated which employs the ultra-high precision
wafer-level laser technology of more than 80,000 DPI. By combining with the optical zoom imaging technique,
it can provide the highest level of anti-counterfeit security. What’s more, the identification is so simple and easy-to-perform that
consumers can immediately tell the genuine from the fake.

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