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    eGo Zipper Case


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We're always trying to make great products to meet the need of our customers

High Quality Products

We alway try our best to keep our products' quality high and
to provie better products for our customers

Elegant Design

We're producing not only high-quality products but also products of elegant design.


Powerful Battery
  • Long-lasing battery on a single charge


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Our products come in various colors
to meet your style and taste


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The kit Includes the following items.


따옴표1  Anti-counterfeit Technology 따옴표2

Shenzhen FeelVape High-tech Co., Ltd adopts is extremely sophisticated which employs the ultra-high precision
wafer-level laser technology of more than 80,000 DPI. By combining with the optical zoom imaging technique,
it can provide the highest level of anti-counterfeit security. What’s more, the identification is so simple and easy-to-perform that
consumers can immediately tell the genuine from the fake.

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